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As the UK’s leading manufacturer, Tufnol Composites has been setting the standards for high performance laminates,composites and engineering plastics for decades.


“We manufacture our vast selection of materials in-house and exclusively in the UK, so we can provide all grades and forms required for engineering applications and deliver expert technical advice and assistance.”


“Technical investment, our key to being at the forefront of manufacturing & machining in laminated plastics, resins and composites.”


“Continually pushing the boundaries of development, we have remained the key provider of laminated plastics and resin-based materials for over 80 years.”


“Over eight decades on, Tufnol remains the flagship company for engineering plastics, industrial laminates, and resinbased materials for engineering applications.”


“Our factories incorporate one of the biggest machining facilities of their kind in Europe, using advanced CNC machining to produce components to individual customer requirements.”


“Conceived as the epitome of reliability, proud of its tradition. Highly trained engineers supplying composite materials to blue chip companies.”

Latest News

What's New?

Tufnol is proud to announce that we have been acquired by Diamorph Group. Read more..

Tufnol Highlights Major Capital Investment

Part of a £400,000 investment programme to upgrade key plant and machinery to improve output capacity, Tufnol Composites has purchased a new state-of-the-art hydraulic press. Read more..

Tufnol Quality

Tufnol - the byword for quality in laminated plastics and resin-based materials for engineering applications. Invented by us here in the UK, developed here over 80 years to the highest modern standards by skilled and experienced engineers.

Machining Excellence

Our machining facilities and expertise in working with engineering plastics and composite materials are unrivalled. Let us quote for your next machined component requirements. Read more..

Apprentice Investment Reward for Tufnol Composites

Tufnol Composites is reaping the significant rewards of the company's decision to invest in the educational development of its apprentices. Read more..

What’s New?

Investment in profiling and shaping machine enhances our extensive machining capabilities.

What’s New?

Birmingham New Street redevelopment project utilises Tufnol components. Read more..

What’s New?

Investment in energy efficient steam raising equipment dramatically reduces our carbon footprint.


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